There are two ways to install the JLD Bridge System. Before continuing, consider which method is best for you and choose which instructions are appropriate,

1 Using a set of JLD Vintage Pins, it is possible to install the Bridge System without any modification to the instrument. This system is perfect for rare, collectable or vintage guitars because it will not adversely affect the value of the instrument.

The pins are inserted through the existing bridge pin holes. Five of the six pins are held in place with nuts while the remaining pin secures the Bridge System. The pins have additional advantages in that the brass adds some sustain, string changing is easier and the bridge can never come unglued from the top.

Click here to view instructions for Vintage Pin Installation.

2 The second method involves drilling a small hole through the bridge and top which allows a mounting screw to be inserted through the bridge. A pearl inlay dot is supplied to hide the mounting screw or a good luthier could make the installation invisible with a wooden plug cut from the same wood used to make the Bridge.

This is a great method to use on laminated or cheaper guitars which would not normally be worth the expense of a traditional repair. If the guitar means something to you, but has little collectors value, this is an extremely cost-effective way to give new life to a tired instrument. Also, many guitars don't have pin bridges (classical guitars are a good example) and a mounting screw is the only way to mount a Bridge System in these instruments.

Click here to view instructions for Mounting Screw Installation.

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